GPS-PIE slice GPS modules with 9DOF IMU

motion sensor & barometric pressure sensor

The GPS-PIE slice GPS modules feature a GPS receiver combined with a BNO055 9 degree of freedom (9DOF) IMU motion sensor and MS5637 barometric pressure sensor in a Raspberry Pi pHAT format. The great advantage of the BNO055 is that it incorporates its own microprocessor which runs the sensor fusion algorithms that combine the accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer data into three axis orientation. Euler angles or quaternion data can be read directly from the BNO055 to give pitch, roll and yaw with no need for any calculation to be done on the Raspberry Pi. However the raw data from each sensor can also be accessed if you prefer to use your own application specific algorithms. Data from the accelerometer is available separately as linear acceleration without the effect of gravity and acceleration due to gravity. The pressure sensor allows tracking of relative altitude suitable for a wide range of applications.


GPS-PIE slice GPS modules summary

GPS-PIE L80 slice

GPS-PIE Gmm slice

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L80 GPS Receiver
The L80 is a compact GPS module with an integrated patch on top antenna. It is ideal for small electronic devices. It can also be used with an external active antenna. The L80 has exceptional performance both in acquisition and tracking.
Gmm-u1 GPS Receiver
The Gmm-u1 is a stand-alone GPS module with ultra-high sensitivity (-165dBm) in an ultra-slim form factor, utilising the MediaTek MT3329 chipset. It is designed to be suitable for
embedded system integration.
BNO055 Intelligent 9-axis absolute orientation sensor
The BNO055 is a highly advanced 9 degree of freedom motion sensor. It combines a triaxial accelerometer, a triaxial magnetometer and triaxial gyroscope into a single package with an ARM microcontroller. The microcontroller runs the sensor fusion algorithms which combine the data from the three sensors into a simple three axis orientation in 3D space. Alternatively data from the individual sensors can be read separately allowing for the use of custom algorithms. The data is read via I2C. Address fixed to 0x28.
Measuring three dimensional motion in real time is complicated. Therefore the BNO055 is a complex sensor with numerous settings and variables. We regret that we cannot provide application specific advice on the best settings for individual projects.

BNO055 calibration procedure.

Please note that due to the need for calibration you will not be able to guarantee an "instant on" for the IMU fusion mode functionality of the BNO055. Although the process can be shortened by reloading a stored calibration, it cannot be guaranteed that the system will start with all sensors calibrated. In NDOF fusion mode the magnetometer will tend to lose accurate absolute heading over time. As the GPS receiver is able to provide absolute heading, the relative IMUPLUS fusion mode may be preferred for some applications.
MS5637 Barometric Pressure Sensor
The MS5637 is an ultra-compact barometric pressure sensor that interfaces via a simple I2C bus comms protocol. The address fixed to 0x76. It is optimised for altimeter and barometer applications in small electronic devices. The sensor module includes a high-linearity pressure sensor and an ultra-low power 24 bit ADC that provides precise digital 24-bit pressure and temperature values. The high-resolution temperature output allows the implementation of an altimeter / thermometer function without any additional sensor.
Please note that this sensor is not able to measure absolute altitude, ie height above sea level, without a continuously updated sea level reference pressure measurement. It is best used to accurately measure relative altitude changes. It does not measure ambient temperature, but the temperature of the sensor on the board with the influence of surrounding electronics plus the effect of any enclosure.
Example Software
Please note that the only software support available for these modules are simple interfacing routines written in C. These routines only demonstrate how to communicate with and control the GPS receiver, BNO055 and MS5637. No application specific code or GPS - IMU - barometer sensor fusion code is available. Example software description.


BNO055 IMU output being used to animate an OpenGL cube.


No RaspberryPi is included.

The pHAT format GPS-PIE slice GPS modules are compatible with all Raspberry Pi boards with the standard 40 pin GPIO connector.

Raspberry Pi Alternatives
Due to Raspberry Pi shortages we have been asked if the GPS-PIE slice boards are compatible with other SBCs. We only support the Raspberry Pi, but we have put together a short guide to using other SBCs based on the Banana Pi 2M Zero as an example.

Please ensure you are aware of the limitations of the GPS system before ordering. Due to the configuration required by the BNO055 when used in 9DOF IMU mode it may not be suitable for some applications. For general questions please read our FAQs.

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