GPS-PIE Slice Accessories

The following accessories are available to be ordered with our GPS-PIE slice modules. They are not available separately.
Development Environment
This is a 16GB SD card containing our example software on a fresh install of the Raspbian Buster desktop operating system. This installation has all the correct settings and dependecies required for the GPS serial interface, BNO055 i2c and OpenGL. This card is ready to run on a Raspberry Pi and provides an immediately available development environment for our example softrware.
Female SMA socket to male u.FL pigtail
Female SMA socket to male u.FL pigtail. Use to connect active GPS antenna to GPS-PIE slice boards. Length 15cm (6 ins).
Right angle female SMA socket
Right angle female SMA socket. Can be installed on GPS-PIE slice boards to allow direct connection of an active GPS antenna.
GPS active antenna with 3m cable
GPS active antenna with 3m cable. Order with the pigtail connector cable or the SMA socket for use with the GPS-PIE slice module boards. More details.
2x20 Male Header
2x20 Male header for Raspberry Pi Zero.
Supply Header Installed
By default each GPS-PIE slice module is supplied with a loose 2x20 Female header which you can solder to the board yourself. Order this product option to have the header supplied soldered to the board ready for use.



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