GPS Active Antenna for GPS-PIE slice modules

The antenna has 3 metres of cable allowing you to position it where required.

GPS Antenna mounted on car roof GPS Antenna mounted on car dashboard

The antenna has a mag-mount base, and easily attaches to a car or other vehicle without scratching the paint work. The unit can be mounted inside or outside, but please note that best results will always come from an exterior mount with a 360 degree view of the sky. This specification is presented for information only. We do not sell these antennae separately.

Technical Specification:


           Frequency: 1575.42±2 MHz
           VSWR: 1.5 Max.
           Bandwidth: 10 MHz Min.
           Axial Ratio: 3 dB Typical
           Impedance: 50©
           Peak Gain: 4 dBic Min.
           Gain Coverage: e -4dBic at -90° ~ 90°(over 75% volume)
           Power Handling: 1 watt
           Polarization: RHCP

Amplifier Module:

           Amplifier Gain without cable: 25dB Typical
           Noise Figure: 1.5 dB Typical
           Filtering: -25 dB (± 100 MHz)
           Output VSWR:

2.0 Max.

           Voltage: DC 3 ~ 5.0V
           Current: 22mA Max. @5VDC
           Weight: d 95 gram
           Size: 45 x 37 x 13 mm
           Cable: RG174 with 3 metre long
           Connector: SMA
           Mounting: Magnetic base


           Operating Temperature: - 40°C ~ + 85°C
           Storage Temperature: - 40°C ~ + 85°C
           Water Resistance: 100% waterproof
           Vibration: Sine Sweep, 1G(0-P),10-150-10Hz each axis


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